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Sunday, October 21, 2012

MESA Expert v11.02 + Crack

MESA Expert v11.02 + Crack

  • Data acquisition is the foundation of the seismic lifecycle. It is critical that accurate decisions are made as part of the acquisition design process.
  • In order to meet these challenges, companies require flexible and robust survey design tools that provide accurate analysis to effectively image their subsurface targets.
  • ION's MESA software addresses those needs for both land and marine projects by optimizing survey design and planning to deliver the right information to help make those critical decisions.
  • MESA is the industry standard for designing seismic acquisition surveys. The development team works in partnership continuously with its customers to add functionality, improve performance, and enhance the user experience.

MESA's principal functionality includes:
  • Survey design and subsurface coverage analysis for 3D/3C and VSP surveys.
  • Geologic modeling, ray tracing, and illumination analysis.
  • Chronological project tracking and crew production statistics.

MESA Suite of Software Packages
  • MESA Expert: the ultimate 3D survey design tool with geologic modeling and enhanced ray tracing.
  • MESA Professional: provides a complete set of tools for 3D, full-wave and VSP design and analysis.
  • MESA Field: ideal for advanced 3D acquisition planning capability with a basic analysis package. 
How Install MESA Expert v11.02

1- Setup program without restarting the system.
2- Open "Crack" folder and Copy "flexlm" folder to  "C:\".
3- Copy "lmgr11.dll" to "C:/gmg/Mesa 11.02".

4- Run the program from "mesa.exe".
5- Enjoy.

Size: 101 MB

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halliburton Landmark GeoGraphix Discovery v5000.0.2.0 build 8183

Halliburton Landmark GeoGraphix Discovery v5000.0.2.0 build 8183 + License

  • Landmark's integrated software and services help the upstream oil and gas industry turn critical information into useful knowledge. With this knowledge, our clients can see further, deeper, more accurately and more comprehensively than ever. So they can make better decisions with less risk than ever.
  • Discover power and deliver efficiency.  GeoGraphix offers a software portfolio that streamlines geoscience, engineering and decision support, including risk analysis and production economics on the Windows® platform.
How Install Landmark GeoGraphix Discovery v5000.0.2.0
1- Setup the Program.
2- Choose "I need to install a license" then press on next.
3- Detect the location of the license file "license_34f.dat" then press on next.
4- Enjoy.


Size: 887 MB

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weatherford PanSystem 2011 v4.0.39 + License

Weatherford Field Office 2011
PanSystem v4.0.39 + License + PanSystem 3.5 User Guide

  • PanSystem software has been the industry’s  provides many complementary tools for well test interpretation and analysis program for more than 20 years.

  • PanSystem software is dedicated to well testing, a key technical function in the oil and gas industry. A pressure transient well test has the unique ability to obtain information from within the reservoir surrounding the well. With the appropriate testing techniques well testing can provide a wealth of information.

  • Permeability of the near-wellbore region and the reservoir-at-large.
  • Vertical permeability, vertical communication in layered systems.
  • Completion efficiency, effective open interval size (over life of well).
  • Well performance (over life of well).
  • Reservoir structure (boundaries, heterogeneities).
  • Nature of pressure support.
  • Connected pore volume and initial hydrocarbons in place.
  • Reservoir pressure.

How Install  Weatherford PanSystem 2011 v4.0.39

1- Setup the Program.
2. Run the Program from Desktop.
3. Choose "Specify the License File" then press on "Next".
- Detect Location of "wellflo.dat" in "license" folder.
- press on "Next" then "finish" and Open the Program again.

Size: 166 MB

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weatherford WellFlo 2010 v4.1.0.7 + License

 Weatherford WellFlo 2010 v4.1.0.7 + License

WellFlo systems analysis software is a powerful and simple-to-use stand-alone application to design, model, optimize and troubleshoot individual oil and gas wells, whether naturally flowing or artificially lifted. With this software, the engineer builds well models, using a guided step-by-step well configuration interface. These accurate and rigorous models display the behavior of reservoir inflow, well tubing and surface pipeline flow, for any reservoir fluid. Using WellFlo software results in more effective capital expenditure by enhancing the design of wells and completions, reduces operating expenditure by finding and curing production problems and enhances revenues by improving well performance.

How Install  Weatherford WellFlo 2010 v4.1.0.7

1- Setup the Program.
2. Run the Program from Desktop.
3. Choose "Specify the License File" then press on "Next".
- Detect Location of "license.dat" in "license" folder.
- Press on "Next" then "finish" and Open the Program again.

Size: 61 MB

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Logging While Drilling Essentials By Weatherford

Logging While Drilling Essentials By Weatherford

Course Description:
  • This 4-day introductory level course concentrates on the essential background knowledge and theory that the field engineer must possess in order to effectively analyze, interpret, and troubleshoot LWD data. The course provides classroom instruction in petroleum geology, directional drilling basics, data acquisition methods, basic LWD sensor theory, application, and interpretation, LWD system specifics, and surveying theory and quality control.
  • The Lithium Battery Safety course (#080) is also included within the structure of this training.
  • A written assessment designed to measure the student’s understanding of the subject matter will be administered upon completion of the course material.

Size: 7 MB