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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weatherford PanSystem 2011 v4.0.39 + License

Weatherford Field Office 2011
PanSystem v4.0.39 + License + PanSystem 3.5 User Guide

  • PanSystem software has been the industry’s  provides many complementary tools for well test interpretation and analysis program for more than 20 years.

  • PanSystem software is dedicated to well testing, a key technical function in the oil and gas industry. A pressure transient well test has the unique ability to obtain information from within the reservoir surrounding the well. With the appropriate testing techniques well testing can provide a wealth of information.

  • Permeability of the near-wellbore region and the reservoir-at-large.
  • Vertical permeability, vertical communication in layered systems.
  • Completion efficiency, effective open interval size (over life of well).
  • Well performance (over life of well).
  • Reservoir structure (boundaries, heterogeneities).
  • Nature of pressure support.
  • Connected pore volume and initial hydrocarbons in place.
  • Reservoir pressure.

How Install  Weatherford PanSystem 2011 v4.0.39

1- Setup the Program.
2. Run the Program from Desktop.
3. Choose "Specify the License File" then press on "Next".
- Detect Location of "wellflo.dat" in "license" folder.
- press on "Next" then "finish" and Open the Program again.

Size: 166 MB