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Sunday, September 30, 2012

SMT Kingdom Software version 8.3

SMT Kingdom Software version 8.3 + Fix

What’s New in KINGDOM Version 8.3
  • The KINGDOM version 8.3 includes new products (1D Forward Modeling; Security), many significant enhancements across the product suite, and scalability improvements throughout KINGDOM.

KINGDOM including the following modules:
  • 2D/3DPAK (seismic interpretation).
  • EarthPAK (geological interpretation).
  • VuPAK (3D interpretation and visualization).
  • AVOPAK (AVO Interpretation and Analysis).
  • Rock Solid Attributes (advanced 3D post-stack seismic attribute generation).
  • SynPAK (synthetic seismogram generation).
  • 1D Forward Modeling.
  • TracePAK (post-stack seismic data analysis and processing)  LogPAK (automated petrophysical analysis).
  • VelPAK (seismic time to depth velocity modeling)  ModPAK (geophysical/geological subsurface model.
New Feature Highlights:
  • 1D Forward Modeling.
  • New Pre-stack Data Conditioning Capabilities.
  • Neural Network-based Missing and Synthetic Well Log Generation.
  • Scalability Improvements.

Attention: I take this Software from my friend Nisar Ahmed from Pakistan. This Software not work on my system, but someone take this program and work well on his system (32 bit), may be I have problems on my system (64 bit).

Size: 1.48 GB